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About Us

Let's let our food tell the story.


All our dough is hand-tossed. We still mix our pizza sauce “with a pinch of this and a dash of that.” And we can't think of a good reason to change our ways.


Our vegetables grow up in hometown gardens. The tomatoes go from vine to plate in just a few days, even in the off-season. We don't trust factory farms, we buy local because we don't trust two-week-old supermarket veggies to give us the flavor we demand.


Our chicken wings are oven roasted, not fried, because we care about the health of our community. If we wouldn't put it in our children's mouths, then we won't put it in yours.


We sweeten with gold raw cane sugar or garnish with sea salt and freshly-ground black pepper. We serve our salads on ice-cold plates that compliment our crisp greens. It's the details that turn a food into a meal.


We serve each slice, bun, bowl and plate with a smile, because we value a positive outlook on life. We love workers who love working here, and we let them know that.  Good food deserves good company.


Love story

Mel opened Pizza Mia in 2003. Soon after, Johnnie met Mel, tried a slice of her pizza, and was so inspired by the pie's flavors that he asked Mel to marry him. (She said yes...a few years later.) Mel and Johnnie now live in Mill Hall with their three boys, three dogs, seven cats and goat.


Mel and Johnnie are growing Pizza Mia in exciting new ways: working with local partners to grow and harvest flour from their own wheat right in their backyard; ethically and sustainably raising local livestock that will bring pork and beef to the table; and starting in early 2016, they plan to expand operations in downtown State College.