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Contact Us

If you haven't tried our pizzas, subs, wraps, salads, burgers or dogies yet, it's about time you stopped by our little pizza shop in historic Bellefonte.

Don't know what a dogie is?
Then we're going to have to talk about it—over lunch.

We love to brag about our flavors, but we guarantee that you won't understand what we're talking about until you take a bite. Have questions or comments that even your taste buds can't answer?
Contact us!

We serve each slice, bun, bowl and plate with a smile, because we value a positive outlook on life. We love workers who love working here, and we let them know that.  Good food deserves good company.





Questions or Comments?
Stop by and tell us!

106 North Spring St., Bellefonte, PA


Sun. - Thur. 9am – 11pm

Fri. & Sat. 9am – Midnight


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